All about me !!!

Hello !!!

17 / any pronouns/aries.


Since I don't really like using my real name , I'll introduce myself as Matzze , my internet alter:) I'm a pretty boring person , maybe impulsive at times , but one thing is clear: Most of my whole existence is here , on the world wide web . Since I was little , I felt fascinated with the internet and all of its purposes. I'm glad to finally have a website of mine , where I can plug all my thoughts and ideas into . Even if I die , my physical self will surely dissapear fast ; but my thoughts , ideas , and presence will always be here. So this is why I treat this place as something personal for me. Introductions aren't really my strong point , but I hope you'll get to know me better if you browse this website of mine:)


Hobbies & Interests:)